30 Jul 2010

Doggy days definitely

I'm not sure where this week went, but I'll bet it took off to the same place my brain did in this heat.
Anyway, I'm keeping it short again today as I get ready for tonight's game at Commonwealth. Suffice to say, I don't expect to see any miracles tonight, like BC losing.
Can't wait to see what the long weekend brings from the Esks management. Who will stay? Who will go? Here's hoping Ritchie stays and the others take a nice long walk.

Nothing really to report on the job hunt....it still goes, but promises to be looking up as many of the gigs I applied for had deadlines of today. Next week could be a good one, here's hoping.

And lastly, the whole city of champions chatter and arena/northlands debate can simply by chalked up to politics...there is a municipal election later this year and the names (and no-names) are working on their campaigns.
Here's what I hope happens -
  1. Katz ignores everyone, gets the zoning and then builds his own rink to end this silly debate;
  2. Northlands figures out they need to do some soul-searching so they can find their niche in this city again - plus changes the stupid fair (and those dumb commercials) to something that will attract people back (including those of us with families that can't afford to shell out the kind of coin they're asking);
  3. The local media find something of substance to chase after instead of inane question about the slogan on the entrance sign being somewhat relevant;
  4. That it cools off for me on the field at tonight's football game, that I don't fall on national tv and that somehow, some way, I find one of the Caramilk bar keys....
Take care all, have a great long weekend and may this monkey get off my back.

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