9 Apr 2007

Indigestion and Jubilation

After some of the food I have had over the weekend, one would like that the cause of that burning sensation would be the result of over-indulging or eating the wrong food. Alas, you would be incorrect, as it all has to do with our "national" sport - the NHL.
Yes, I am a huge hockey fan - having played the game for years and been one of those hated 'Stripes' for the past 26 years.
And yes, my team has failed to make the playoffs this season - in dramatic fashion I might add.
But before you go on, I AM NOT a fan of the team at the centre of the universe, something you may think of when one mentions not making the playoffs (lol).
No, I am one of the followers of the Montreal Canadiens (insert own joke here, if you must) even if they continue to be mired in misery and humiliation by being dumped by that team which's name resemble something on a tree.
For me though, this outcome wasn't as unexpected as it was to many of the other fellow Habs followers. I, for lack of a better term, am one of those followers that are 'realistic' about the condition and ability of the Canadiens.
Unfortunately, being realistic means accepting the fact my club played horrible on the road (nearly as bad as those Flames), while flying high at the Bell Centre. Being 'realistic' also means not running for the 'excuse' tray for an explanation for the post-season absence.
However, despite the disappointment on Saturday, my spirits were bouyed Sunday with the dramatics displayed by a virtually unknown Islanders goaltender (well, not unknown to me, since I reffed him in Bantam and Midget oh so many years ago) in the shootout.
Imagine the triumph and excitement as you see the good old poke check (as a former goalie myself, I can really appreciate this feat) slide out TWICE to foil the Devils - not to mention that team from the golden horseshoe.
Congrats Wade on sending your club to the playoffs and thanks from all of us Habs fans too.

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