28 May 2007

Too long to see Stanley

Talk about an eternity....having to wait a week to see someone play for hockey's holy grail.
If that wasn't bad enough, the final is being played between two teams that many hockey fans either detest - ie: if it quacks like a Duck, then the West would like it served on a platter - or couldn't really get into back a club that has, before this year, been nothing but a lame duck.
As a former member of the media (I may take a shot at the dark side, where the money lies), I see the Mug poking its head out of the sand, taking a look around and then in the end, heading north of the border.
The reason for this observation is two-fold:
Firstly, although eratic at times with a tendancy to lose his cool with the opposition, Emery has seen more work, more quality shots and has generally played better than the man that lost the Cup final a few years back. That isn't to say Emery might get frustrated with the constant barrage of Ducks flocking into his yard and messing with him, but the officials have been far more aware of that kind of interference (and calling it too) since the disgusting show made in the Nucks-Ducks series.
The other reason for making that Eastern team the pick to win - experience. What do I mean by that, especially since each team has but one player with a Cup ring?
The Sens have successfully navigated a variety of teams in their run up to this series.
NJ was a powerful defensive squad that was finally overpowered by a more offensive output from the folks from Ottawa.
And Buffalo saw the Sens not only match them in their scoring prowess, but defeat them using goaltending and - yes, I'll say it - superiour defense.
In the conclusion, Ottawa's steadier goaltending and consistency in putting the puck into the net using all four lines wins out over an as yet untested four line combination for those flying geese from southern Cal.
Sens win it at home in 6.
Back in a few days.

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