11 Jun 2007

Now for something completely different

Well, my apologies to everyone out there that thought I knew what I was talking about regarding the Sens. Seems I totally over-estimated the (insane) nine day layoff between the conference finals and the Stanley Cup series, was grossly wrong about the Sens ability to shake off the Ducks defensive capabilities and missed the fact the Sens top line was due for a letdown.
So, what else is there to do, but admit defeat and give congrats to the Canadians that one it - especially the pair of Cranbrook boys - Scott and Rob - who I met a few times when I lived there.
Moving forward - literally - is next on the agenda for myself, as my time in Saskatchewan is nearly up.
A new challenge awaits me, the only thing to decide is which one of them do I pick?
So, this might be the last post for a bit, since packing and moving will likely be done by the end of the month.
I'll attempt to keep everyone updated on the progress and where exactly we will be going.
Here's hoping that all of you stay well, keep safe and most of all - don't believe a thing the government says....lol.
Be back once I get this packing tape off my fingers.

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