10 Aug 2007

No shows make huge comment

Easily the biggest story in the sports planet is Barry Bonds and the statistic surpassing (call it what you will) shot this past week.
My opinion on this has not and will only change once the allegations (suspicisions, etc) are either completely disproven or (as is likely the case once he retires) he finally comes out (like Rose eventually did) and states he did it.
I still think that Hank Aaron is the real home run record holder and that Bonds - along with several other "sluggers" - took cheating to a new level of lowlessness several years ago. Then again, baseball seems like a sport that never really rebounded for me since the strike shortened season back in the 1980s. That left a very sour taste in my mouth and I really haven't followed the game too much after that.
Additionally, many of the players still act like little babies waiting for someone to tend to them hand and foot, while rubbing the wads of cash in everyone's face. Sort of like NFL football, but without the handguns.
Sticking with the grand game (CFL style that is), maybe it's time for the league to begin looking hard at video tape evidence of brawls and fights like the one last week between the Eskimos and Calgary.
One can be fairly sure that at least one or two camera angles caught exactly what went on in the trenches to start the incidient. And if it was indeed the "squeeze" being put on AJ Gass by a certain Stamps O-lineman (and the certain individual isn't even commenting on it, let alone denying it), then maybe the suspension should come to him and not Gass. Instead, Gass will play this weekend while he appeals his one game ban and a few others will pay off fines. Maybe someday the league will begin to be a bit more fair in its conclusions if it takes a better look at things.
Well, that's all for this time around....

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