22 Sep 2007

Soon back into the swing of things

Boy, talk about things happening all at once and throwing a wrench into my plans of a weekly update.
A family funeral, then a new job offer and the month long search for a new home to go with it made this blog the victim of a busy time for me. This may be the last post for a few more weeks, until I am settled in at my new place.
However, I do have a few pieces of information to spread....
First thing is that I don't like the new play-by-play announcer that the University of Saskatchewan Huskies have. There is no excuse for a station - that has covered the football team for years and did a job that a big-city station would envy - to tell fans they are keeping their original team in place despite a change in job for one piece of the puzzle and then pull the rug out from under them by replacing him with an unreasonable facimile. Heck, the guy is SOOOOOOOOOOO horrible that the broadcasts are nearly the worst in the entire CIS...the only thing saving it is the colour commentator. Still, it makes Mike in Regina and the crew from the U of M seem like they should be calling games for the NFL.
Next up on the platform, does anyone follow MLB anymore?? It just doesn't seem to be as exciting as it used to be, for me.
Finally, the NHL pre-season starts too eary (just two or three days of training camp and then they begin playing games??) and the new jerseys aren't very impressive for my liking. I mean really, who doesn't think it's only a ploy to make more money for the failing U.S. franchises?
Oh well, guess I should get packing, speak to you in a few weeks.

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