19 Jul 2010

The Five (six) W's

Yep, it's the weekend's who, what, where, when and why today.

If you aren't a golf fan, you won't have a clue what I'm talking about.
Louis Oosthuizen cruised to a huge victory at the British Open Sunday - becoming the latest no-name on the PGA tour to make a name for himself this season.
Maybe instead of this being the Year the Tiger sacked himself - or should that be Just Club It - the 2010 golf season should be proclaimed the Year of the Who's it's. Hey, they may make a great Dr. Seuss book title. Only thing is, to make it child friendly we'd have to leave out any references to Lefty, tigers or John Daly.

Finally, according to the respectable Dan Barnes at the Edmonton Journal, common sense has prevailed in the childish power struggle over control of the Alberta Soccer Association. (check today's Journal for the indepth story)
Costly lawyers for both sides have worked out an agreement (yet to be finalized) on an interim group to run the ASA until the two bullies in this playground argument have their time in court and the dispute finally put to rest. The two sides are back in court this week, but it likely won't be settled soon.
As Barnes put it, the only real way to solve this is with an election of a new board - complete without the idiots (my word, not his) that were responsible for the current mess in the first place. None of the people on the board now should be allowed to run for fear of this happening again sometime down the road when one of them gets their nose bent out of joint because they didn't get their own way.
It might also allow for the ASA to keep some of the great staff, or attract new and qualified people, as they have lost several employees due to the power struggle.

Are the Eskimos when the fourth quarter starts??
That's the big question, which no one seems to have an answer for, about the Alberta capital's CFL squad so far this season.
The 0-for the season to date club has imploded the final quarter of each contest this year and have been out-scored 29-0 in that last quarter over the three games.
It hasn't helped that normally sure-handed receivers have dropped several balls that would have been touchdowns and fumble-itis seems to have hit others on the team.
While some sources in other CFL jurisdictions have heard rumours of Ritchie Hall being on the chopping block, I have yet to hear them in this area. And I don't think changing Hall would help one bit, since I believe it's a matter of personnel not strategy.
I'd say the one who needs to be changed, is the blame-it-on-anything-else-but-me general mangler (yes, I meant that). He ruined a good team when he coached and now he's doing it from upstairs.

Will this rain stop and I can get my lawn mowed, the kids to the spray park and a job for me?

But you don't ask why? (lol...I love that commercial.)
Okay, for real, why can't people who say they love animals admit that if it wasn't for rodeos, zoos, aquariums and the animals shows that tour around....you would have no idea about what those animals were in the first place.
The reason many of these things came about was somewhat for fun (rodeos were an outlet for cowboys at the end of a hard work week) and for informing people about how intelligent the animals really are. Not like some of the nuts campaigning for 'animal rights'.
We still need these things, okay sure some of it's entertainment, but the other benefits I believe out-weigh the possible negatives.
Kids and even a lot of adults these days will never know what some of us that were brought up in a rural lifestyle 30-40 years ago. They will never experience, other that on a computer, what it's like to be upclose and personal with an animal.
These activities are the only way to make the public aware of what they are literally killing by further development and nature destroying way of recreation they persue without a care on their atv's, rv's and needless hunting.

Alright, that's it for now. Catch you all tomorrow.
And remember . . . that's just MY observation.

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