21 Jul 2010


Today will be short...since it's mid-week and my brain has decided to take a bit of a holiday. For those of you that know me - you can stop laughing now.

Anyway, as the title states, optimism is reigning at my home right now.
We are optimistic I will find a job sooner rather than later, that we can confidently pay our present bills until that time, that the sun will shine long enough to get the entire lawn mowed, that the kids will get to enjoy the spray park again soon and that a phone call I recieved earlier today will at least provide another friend to bounce things off of - if not a job.

On the sports side, there are plenty of teams and people that need some optimism right now:
  • the Eskimos are positive they can get a win on the weekend because they have improved their ball-carrying and their fourth quarter collapsing. Only thing they won't mention is the game is against a Blue Bombers squad that is nearly as hopeless as they are and are without a proven quarterback;

  • Ilya Kovelchuk and the Devils believe they did the right thing and are optimistic their wildly outrageous and supremely idiotic 17 year-$102 million contract will eventually make the grade with the NHL. The only problem is that this contract is totally suspicious, underhanded and couldn't pass the mustard of the stink test with anyone with half a melon - of which the NHL office and any court should be able to muster up if this becomes a fight.

  • Tiger Woods can still look forward to his weekly matching of the wits with other golfers on the PGA tour. He can also be positive that the more he loses, the less Elin gets to take what's left.

  • Oilers owner, and I must admit is a bit of a bumbler when in the public eye, Daryl Katz is positive his complete turnaround on any number of issues behind the new downtown arena will win the day of the current Edmonton city council. Heck, his display today puts him right up there with most of them - who flip and flop more than a fish out of water. In the end, I think the arena gets built, Northlands is left on the outside, AEG comes in to operate the place at a huge profit for both the city and Katz, while the poor and those that are shut out of buying tickets now will forever be left out. That is, until they move to Winnipeg where the Jets will return to in the next couple of years.

  • And lastly, Lebron, Wade and Bosh are optimistic they can win an NBA championship very soon. Meanwhile, everyone else is extremely confident that Kobe and the rest of the other clubs will be able to keep the Heat cool since there is only one basketball allowed on the court and the Heat trio won't be able to keep from fighting over who wants it more....allowing the other team the chance to score on the rest of the Heat no-names.
Well, like I said, short....lol...
Take care all.

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