13 Jul 2010


After nearly two years of bondage to a desk and computer, I have been released (unfortunately not of my own free will) and will now have time to devote to this long neglected forum of opinion, satire and thought-provoking commentary.
Okay, yeah right. You can all stop chuckling now. Yes, I'm now among those looking for a job in the less-than ideal economy which we call Alberta, but I'm also one of the fortunate ones that have seen some options open up that weren't available before.
Plus, beginning today, I will be providing regular updates to my blog on topics ranging from all things hockey to the woeful Eskimos as well as some local sports with photos. Heck, I might even get some friends to supply me some photos for the blog.
And now, down to business......

As you doubtless know already, the pundits at Sportsnet predicted the Esks would be in the Grey Cup. You also have seen them put up a horrendous effort against BC and then implode in the final 23 minutes last Sunday versus Montreal.
That has everyone I know wondering where those pundits had their heads when they made that decision.
My feeling, especially after witnessing up close and personal the loss on Sunday, is that the Eskimos atmosphere has to change and loosen up somewhat. They seem uptight and either far too focused or trying too hard, which causes mental mistakes - like the second interception Ray threw as he was about to be sacked.
If you don't agree, feel free to comment. And I may even agree with you too.

I'm not sure what more has to be done, but the Edmonton Capitals presence around here seems to be non-existent. Lately, it could be the buckets of rain the area has received, but it could also be the lengthy stretches between homestands. I'm still planning on getting to a couple of games, but only when I can get back on my feet and have the cash to take the family.
On the other hand, I heard the Capitals are drawing 600 more per games than last season. It's good to see them making progress, but it could be better if they took time to help grow the game and their audience by reaching out to the youngsters outside the city limits. Fort Saskatchewan has seen huge growth this season in its numbers, something that could help both the Capitals and minor baseball if some more outreach were extended by the professional club.

Speaking of my local sports organizations, Id like to thank everyone in Fort Saskatchewan for their support and kind words following by unexpected exit from the spotlight last week. It is all very much appreciated and I'll do what I can on my blog to help deliver things that may not make it out to the public.
I'm hoping that you continue to get at least some coverage in the local media, but with the way it looks that might be wishful thinking considering the situation.
Be seeing you out and about over the next while. And if you want to let me know about something, feel free to leave a comment or fire me an email.

That's it for today, I'll be back tomorrow.
And as always . . . That is just an observation.

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