15 Jul 2010

A taste of the good stuff

Good thing I took yesterday off unexpectedly, since there was nothing to write about anyway.
That said, today is another day and I have a few thoughts to express.

First off, it's looking Jim Barker has a lot of great elements come together quickly - meaning Toronto may actually have a reason to follow professional football for the next few years.
The best thing was they played a relatively decent team (okay, the Stamps over-achieved in their first two games) on a night where they was nothing going on and engineered a old-fashioned come-from-behind victory on home soil.
If that doesn't renew interest for fans that figured this to be another season of debacles, I don't know what will.

Speaking of former Toronto professional sports franchises, the Blue Jays have taken more steps backward in their attempts to get more butts in the seats at the SkyDome (it's a lot easier than typing give-us-your-cash-or-we'll-hold-your-phone-and-life-hostage Centre).
They let Roy go without so much as a baseball, now they practically give away a wonderful shortstop.
It might just be me, but the Jays may want to rebuild using bricks and mortor instead of trying to selling the house and live in a barn that leaks.

This just in . . . Sportsnet football analysts recant Eskimos Grey Cup prediction in light of results from CAT scans.
In other news, Bombers fans waken from drunken stupper and ask where Mike Kelly went.

Can't believe the rain we've had here in the Alberta capital region of late. Make me remince about the storms I experienced while living in northeastern Saskatchewan.
The only difference is the trees here break branches, and it would where we used to live - if it had trees.

That's it for today.
I'm outta here, more job hunting awaits.

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