26 Jul 2010

What press conference??

From time to time, the classy Edmonton Eskimos organization shows me exactly why Danny Macoicca has ruined the once proud Hugh Campbell-operated club.
Today was another one of those times.
You must have heard by now about this afternoon's non-announcement press conference where Rick LaLecheur confirmed "everyone's job is not safe, including mine" after a dreadful 47-21 loss in Winnipeg on Saturday. Excuse me? But when did you call the media throng together to tell them and the fans what they already know - we suck and the only thing we MAY change is some players.
Note to LaLecheur - Everyone knows how bad you are...and the only thing fans want to hear about is if someone is getting turfed or if you have great new player signing.
Perhaps before the BC game on Friday, LaLecheur and Macoicca will hold another Captain Obvious sham and let fans know that the club will resign Jessie Lumsden so Ricky Ray will have another running option that won't get used in Strassers offensive (and yeah, it stinks too) scheme.
That isn't to say the offence is totally to blame - although when you think about how many more giveaways can the Esks hand to their opponents, you must admit it is almost all about them - Ritchie Hall needs to find a way to get a secondary that can cover AND tackle receivers as well as find some people to replace the pylons that are on kick cover special teams.
Sound like sour grapes? Nope, only a rant from someone that sees a lot of talent going to waste in an offensive (okay, already made that inferrence) scheme devoid of a running game, a defence that still isn't up to CFL standards and special teams that make the Argos of last year look like CFL champions.
With BC on the plate this week, the Esks have a lot to answer for and the fans will be looking for a few heads if the effort Friday matches what they have seen in the first four weeks.

Well, back on the blog this week after some family time in addition to a bit of baseball umpiring on the weekend. I had planned to hit the Indy, but I couldn't pass up the chance to umpire in a peewee provincial championship in Camrose.
It was a wonderful, hot and sunny weekend where I caught up with some umpire buddies I haven't seen in a long time and meet a few new guys. The experience was made even better with a great host who treated us wonderfully. Even the family enjoyed things on Sunday - the kids said the water spray park was the best - as I work first base in the second semifinal and then got the plate for the final, a great honour for me since I hadn't work a game all season (due to a partial mcl tear in early May) until this tournament.
And the best thing was my kids yelling during the final - Go daddy's team, Go

One last thing - I have to send out a few kudos to some friends out there that you should check out.
First is Rougeradio run by a fellow football official Jason Sperling. It may be internet radio, but the show has a great insight and some wonderful guests. A can't miss for CFL fans.
And secondly, a man who I hope to meet in person sometime soon, is Mitchell Blair (aka The Blair Necessities). I find his opinions a bit cheeky at times and other times way-out-there (and that's not because he's a Rider fan), but he's always informative and entertaining. It's too bad he's also out of the media (with the exception of guest hosting another friend's show on CKRM in Regina).

Well, that's for now. I've got a lawn that needs mowing and the rest of a beautiful day to enjoy with the family. Take care

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